The role of graphic design in your content creation

Traditional print advertising relied heavily on the use of graphic design to help bring unity and sparkle to their work. With the digital age upon us, you may be surprised to learn that graphic design- just like copywriting- is still as critical to your successful content creation as ever.

It comes as no surprise that visuals matter in advertising. They grab attention, and drive engagement with it. After all, what sort of content do you interact with in your free time? We’re betting it’s a clever, provocative or interesting visual or two that’s gotten you hooked on something you maybe didn’t intend to consume!

Does colour, font and tone really matter?

Just consider the power of colour and even typography (fonts) in shaping your first impressions of a company. Do they use cool, soothing pastels and soft, rounded fonts? You’ll probably walk away with the impression they’re in the childhood care or the beauty industry, wouldn’t you? Something where warmth, comfort and softness are the name of the game.

Using graphics as part of your digital marketing efforts

If you’re looking to communicate an official, authoritative tone to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn audience, you need a different approach than if you’re trying to communicate a friendly, open brand personality. Instagram and Snapchat lend themselves to a casual, relaxed vibe that wouldn’t look good at all on LinkedIn. These visual design nuances matter- and so does the key role visuals can play in your digital marketing efforts.

There’s a ton of visual matter you can use in your campaigns. Think photos and videos, infographics, animations and quotes. Even screenshots for tutorials or graphs and other data-conveying visuals. Which of these work best for your brand, and how to harness them as a cohesive, synchronised whole, is something your digital marketing agency will help you determine.