CLIKIT MEDIA’Severyday media solutions provides businesses with a comprehensive marketing solution with every email sent from every individual within the organization, allowing for centralized control of your marketing campaigns and turning each employee into a targeted marketing and sales force.

Drive traffic to designated areas:

Link to specific product or promotional landing pages;

Link to your homepage;

Drive traffic to various parts of your website;

Drive more sales:

Launch new products;

Display special offers that link to campaign landing pages;

Click notifications in real time for sales follow up;

Perform dynamic, interactive marketing:

Use ‘automatic  banner  rotation’  to  display  various marketing banners for every mail sent;

Use the  ‘banner  library  code’  to  insert  specific banners for specific recipients or domains;

Market various products or services  in your email signature and footer;

Drive press releases, news and dynamic content:

Highlight breaking news with banner inserts and link to article;

Link to latest blog article and provide signup to RSS feed;

Directly link to video & picture galleries;

Grow your social networks:

Grow your Twitter following by feeding tweets to your email;

Link to your FB page to grow your fan base;

Introduce recipients to your video montage on YouTube

Clikit Media generates new business leads and reactivates older ones. It increases sales opportunities and can be a revenue earner itself. It provides the “killer” 1-2-1 marketing tool by delivering the right message to the right person on every email, every time.

Clikit Media also provides you with real time analytics, alerts and reports so you know who is engaging. It is fully compatible with your own web analytics.

  • Position your brand on your Clikit Media banners for easy brand recollection and awareness.
  • Include  links to promotional  landing  pages  of tourism  packages  and  special  offers,  or  different pages of your website for specific campaign information.
  • Complete the circle between your everyday email communication and your social networks by including buttons to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to grow your social community. Alternatively, use banners to drive your social media campaigns.
  • Use Clikit Media’s signature manager to display links to your affiliates and associations, sponsor & partner logo’s etc. 

Note: Use Clikit Media’s interactive banner management system to rotate or schedule marketing banners, assign keywords to include pre-selected banners for targeted recipient marketing or group the banners for email domain specific campaigns.