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Innovate, target, analyse, repeat

Including an online marketing campaign
is integral to a business's overall
online marketing strategy

Digital and off-line campaign management

Campaign Management

is the planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of a marketing initiative; It is often based on your marketing strategies goals and objectives . No matter how big or small the campaign is, it usually involves a number of team members working together to achieve the goals and objectives.
Managing the execution of all deliverables within the digital marketing campaign, from building the strategy to implementation, is crucial to the overall success of the initiative.

Zebra 360 understands the many different opportunities that are available across the different digital and offline channels, starting with the various ad types, audiences and what creatives work and what do not.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google all have their own dynamic offerings and different consumers have different touch points. Each target audience needs to have their own plan mapped out for execution and measurement.

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