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Your website is the centre of your
digital marketing strategy,
it needs to be engaging and functional

Website Development

Design, Functionality and Navigation

Most websites are not designed to handle today’s hyper-interactive consumer and read like a static online brochure. Many websites offer dead, stale textual and visual content. There are no interactive Web-2.0 features engaging the consumer and soliciting participation and input.

When designing a website, companies need to understand that website design is not an art and it is certainly not rocket science – it is a creative tool to add to your marketing strategy.

Your site needs to over deliver on the users objectives and not provide any obstacles to achieving these objectives. If the site has a solid, professional design layout that is supported by easy-to-understand navigation, helpful functionality and visual content, users will stay longer and will explore the site resulting in more sales/leads and conversions.

More importantly, once the website goes live it is important to consider a long term Digital Marketing strategy to ensure your website remains visible on the internet, this will include a full strategy and the use of a number of different platforms and social media marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation

Website optimisation and search engine optimisation is essentially a way to get ORGANIC traffic from any of the primary browsers. When someone adds a search term in Google, for instance, the search engine determines the relevance based on a number of factors.

If your website is not optimised or does not comply with the algorithms of the browsers then your website will not be visible to the users.

SEO is an ever changing field, so it’s good to stay on top of recent developments to remain visible and relevant.

There is no single factor that determines the relevant of the search results, it’s a combination of tactics and deliberate actions that will drive your organic visibility.

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