Virtual Global Representation

Add the personal touch back to your digital sales and marketing efforts

Digital transformation has reshaped the hospitality industry, leaving properties, lodges, and hotels grappling with a new set of challenges.

Traditional sales trips have become not only expensive but increasingly ineffective. Adding to the complexity, the remote working trend among agents makes it difficult for sales representatives to conduct in-person visits. The result? A gaping hole in your marketing efforts, rising costs, and diminished returns.

But what if you could dramatically boost your sales ROI, save time, and cut costs by effortlessly engaging a global network of agents — all while tracking and personalising every interaction?

Zebra 360’s new Virtual Global Representation solution not only tackles these issues but also adds a powerful new punch to your digital marketing efforts. Our platform offers:

Travel Industry marketing solutions.

Cost Savings

Eliminate the need for expensive, time-consuming sales trips. Zebra 360 delivers global reach at a fraction of traditional costs. We all understand the costs involved with international travel these days and then there is the added issue of not being able to see all the operators/agents as many of them now work remotely. So if you take the number of actual meetings and divide them by the cost of the trip, you will soon realise that there must be a better way of promoting your business to the global travel market.

Travel Industry marketing solutions.

Time Savings

Simplify your operations with our hassle-free, automated booking system, allowing you to set up meetings and webinars with an extensive network of over 10,000 global agents — all from a single dashboard. We have built a unique database of travel trade partners around the globe who are hungry for information and always looking for something different to take to their client base.

Travel Industry marketing solutions.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the insights of our senior staff, who bring over 45 years of industry knowledge to every meeting, ensuring that you are always well-advised. We are not just digital marketing people we have a wealth of experience in international travel and calling on those global agents, we have all been there and done that so now we believe we have the right system to be able to help you with your international supply chain marketing.

Travel Industry marketing solutions.

Seamless CRM Integration

Every interaction is meticulously recorded in our integrated CRM system, enabling data-driven decision-making and more effective customer relationships. By integrating our system with those in our database that are interested in your business and adding the personal touch to the communications we can now deliver a personalised communication strategy and build your brand and loyalty.

Travel Industry marketing solutions.

Automated Processes

Once your online meeting concludes, the platform takes over, automatically sending out all necessary correspondence and rates to agents, optimising your workflow. By understanding the supply chain and our client we build an automated distribution system that can save time and money and still keep the lines of communication open, but all the communications, even though they are automated are personalised.

Travel Industry marketing solutions.

Global and Local Targeting

Whether you aim to reach a worldwide audience or focus on specific countries, Zebra 360 offers the flexibility to tailor your reach effortlessly. Our database covers 17 countries globally all active travel trade partners and have agreed to us sending them information.

Travel Industry marketing solutions.

Data-Driven Insights

Go beyond traditional analytics methods for deeper insights that enable you to fine-tune your strategies. Everything we do digitally is reported in real time. The stats are relative and important to show the engagement and what we need to do better.

Travel Industry marketing solutions.

Personalised Engagement

Keep your engagement high and memorable by walking agents through your property via live feeds, adding a personal touch to your digital interactions. Keep it personal and relative, that in short is what we do well. We understand the level of communication and the relevance of slowly building a sales funnel for loyal supporters.

Zebra 360’s platform is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that significantly improves your return on sales activities, enhances your global brand visibility, and allows for personalised yet efficient marketing strategies.

Transform your digital marketing efforts today and experience a new standard of operational excellence.

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