Could you ever have imagined that PokemonGo could have a significant impact on your brand and marketing? Or that a time would come where VR would be more than an impressive trick at tech conferences? Explore the world of virtual marketing a little deeper with Zebra 360 Online Marketing and conquer artificial intelligence!

Virtual reality has been a dream of the computing world for decades, sometimes fading as a focus but ever-present almost since the first PC was built. Recent tech developments have been enough to take us to the next level – it’s gone from being the pipe-dream of young tech minds, to being an almost everyday reality. It’s evolved in surprising directions, too.

While full fantasy immersion is still the aim for many game developers and ‘experience’ scenarios (like the ‘First Airlines’ restaurants which launched earlier this year), a valuable niche has evolved where VR and the real world meet. Unreal/ VR generated elements are overlaid on the real world around the user ina phenomenon known as ‘augmented reality’… and it’s time for avid marketers to sit up and take notice.

The PokemonGo phenomenon of 2016 and 2017 showed us how ready and receptive the market is for augmented reality…a little touch of magic in our daily lives. There can be little surprise that augmented reality has been readily embraced by the app development and marketing environments. Imagine being able to show your customer the product they’re interested in, right there in their living room? Or being able to ‘see, touch and feel’ your product as they browse your website? ‘Showing’ them the remodelled room or new office before a single brick is laid? From catchy marketing ideas (think the 360 videos we’re seeing pop up on youtube and other sharing services) to novel ways to sell, augmented reality looks fit to carve itself a remarkable niche in the marketing world. The question is, are you ready to embrace it?!

Are you looking forward to the possibilities augmented reality offer your marketing strategy? Let Zebra 360 Online Marketing know your thoughts below!