Expert Content Writing Tips Everyone Should Know

While there’s been a huge focus on creating video content for your SEO needs of late, the core of any strong content writing SEO strategy still revolves around smart, targeted, and SEO-friendly written content that boosts ROI, improves conversions, and helps you stay relevant and visible to your target market. Here’s some fantastic content writing tips from Zebra 260 Digital Marketing Agency that will help you write better, bolder content that helps you meet your online marketing benchmarks.

Write For Humans (Who Want What You Have)

It’s easy to get so caught up in the SEO race you forget the primary focus of your written content- engaging with the human on the other side of the screen. The days when keyword stuffing and other spammy tricks would help you rank are long gone, and Google, specifically, is actively searching for human-friendly, helpful, and relevant content, not just keywords and percentages.

This means you need to understand your target audience and write content that is relevant and valuable to them. Use language and tone that resonates with them and addresses their pain points and interests. Using episodic content, or content that introduces and then expands on these points, will help you build an audience and following, and establish you as the local go-to expert. And to reiterate- you need quality content, not merely ‘SEO’ content, to meet these benchmarks and achieve your goals.

Strike a Balance- and Keep the Human Touch

With the great strides taken in AI in the last year, it’s possibly one of the most hyped ‘content creation’ tools on the market. And it can be a useful tool to help expand your content stable. But the notion that it can truly replace the human touch is far-fetched to say the least. Remember what we said about writing for humans? While AI can assemble basic facts for you, it lacks the interest and focused, human feel that keeps readers interacting with your content. And not just any writer will do! Writing is an art, not merely a replicable formula-based science, and it isn’t as easy as just pinning words to a page. Make sure you are using a writer skilled in creating human-first content with a personal touch, not just anyone who can string some words together coherently. If you’ve been handing your written content creation to the first person in the office who doesn’t have another task to do, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot. Skip the hype, use AI smartly as a tool, not a creator, and keep the human touch to the written content you create- and watch your conversions rise with it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Online marketing is a continuously evolving field, and no one gets all the results they want straight out the gate. Experts often use what’s called A/B testing, where two similar, but not identical, pieces of content are tested against each other, the data is collected, and your strategy refined for the next round. Not only does this help you use the data metrics you collect to focus on the results you want, but it helps you continuously evolve and freshen your content as needed. Experiment with things like accompanying visuals, where you share content, length, and much more to find the balance that performs best for your needs- and don’t just sit back and leave it there. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and news in your industry and incorporate them into your content. This can help make your content more relevant and timely, and keep your audience engaged. Evolve, learn, and progress constantly, and you will stay on top of those search rankings.

Know the Basics

Tone, style, and engagement matter a lot. But so do the grammar basics- and nowhere is that more obvious than in written content. Write in a conversational tone that is easy to access and engaging. Avoid using jargon or technical language that your audience may not understand. Use subheadings and formatting, such as bullet points and numbered lists, to break up your content into easily digestible sections. This makes it easier for readers to scan and find the information they need. Edit and proofread your content carefully to ensure that it is error-free and well-written. This can help improve your credibility and make your content more enjoyable to read. Edit and proofread your content carefully to ensure that it is error-free and well-written. Not only will this can help improve your credibility and make your content more enjoyable to read, but you need to meet these benchmarks for great SEO, too. It’s a win-win!

Good writing is everywhere- but it’s great writing that will help you stand out from the crowd and achieve your digital advertising goals. Luckily, the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency team is always here to help you meet your online marketing goals, so don’t be shy to reach out to the team today.