Copywriting Tips that Drive Engagement

We’ve looked before at how important engagement, not mere reach or number of followers, is to your social media marketing efforts. Don’t forget that it’s just as important to all  your online marketing, not just what you’re doing on social media! When it comes to written content, how can you make sure your content isn’t just appealing, but is actually building your marketing strategy and getting the engagement you need? Here’s some stellar tips from the team at Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency to help you.

The Art of the USP

The USP, or unique selling proposition, should be at the core of your marketing efforts. How do you stand out from the crowd? What would compel people to trust your brand instead of another? It’s important that you refine this content, bringing it down to a single and easily expressible thought. Make sure this is at the core of your social media marketing messages, so you’re always putting the uniquely engaging side of your business first.

Tell People What Benefits Them

There’s been a seismic shift in how marketing works. People don’t want to read about flashy new features for their own sake, but rather to learn about the benefits that feature will bring to their lives. Make sure your content is engaging regarding struggles your customers face, and the things they want and need, to ensure it resonates with them. Or, put another way, don’t tell them the whats of the product, but rather how it will impact them.

Focus on Action

Your copy and content should be to the point, clear, and concise. In copywriting, this typically means steering away from passive voice, and especially passive verbs, to put the impact back in your communication. Keep things strong in action, short, and crisp, and avoid filler and fluff.

Build Desire

Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO as it is affectionately known, can be a powerful thing. Your copy can leverage that. Introduce the idea, but don’t give away all the secrets in the headline. You want to pique the reader’s interest and draw them further into your online marketing efforts, instead. Yes, it’s a psychological tactic (and you don’t want to venture into clickbait territory), but building some solid intrigue is a great way to get eyes on your content.

Likewise, adding a sense of urgency to your copy can be an effective way to play on human nature. Always let people know there’s a time limit on the opportunities you offer, and that quick action is needed to capitalise on them. Holidays and similar events can be a great way to keep this relevant but effective.

Speak to People, Not Audiences

The modern art of social media marketing should look to engage deeply with key demographics of your audience. Aim for direct ‘one-on-one’ conversation that feels meaningful to them, not a blanket broadcast that feels impersonal.

Rework the Relevance

People respond to copy that gets to the point.One way to stand out from the crowd in your brand niche is to find unique ways to present content, especially ones that build on your expertise and trustworthiness. So you can present yourself as both relevant and different, rather than bombarding your audience with the same tired lines they’re seeing from competitors, too.

Don’t Neglect the CTA

Calls to action can be surprisingly powerful. If you’re looking to boost engagement, make sure you have CTAs that drive that engagement incorporated into the copy you’re using. Ask for shares and comments, or encourage them to click through on the content you’ve created. Instead of thinking ‘sales’ 100% of the time, vary your call to action to work better within your wider marketing efforts. 

Drive Interest

How many times have you clicked on an article because a provocative quote or interesting story caught your eye? Use the art of the ‘sampler’ to give them something interesting right off the bat, while still withholding enough information to encourage them to click through and engage with the whole piece.

With these tips in the bag, you will be able to create vastly more engaging copy for use across your online marketing efforts. While each of these are simple concepts, they can be tough to actually implement well, so don’t be afraid to reach out to our expert team at Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency for help in shaping your dream copy.