What is Creative Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a staple of the modern marketing arena, and a must for businesses globally. But falling into cookie-cutter social media marketing bubbles isn’t the best way to develop the unique brand voice you need to get the most from your online marketing efforts. If you’re truly looking to boost your ROI and get the best from every marketing buck you spend, ensuring you’re running creative campaigns- and testing them thoroughly- is the secret ingredient you need. Today we bring you some tips from the online marketing whizz kids at Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency to help you escape the stale marketing rut, and breathe new life into your campaigns. 

Why Creativity Matters?

For our South African readers, perhaps the simplest way to showcase this one is to point at Nandos. For decades, now, they’ve been a powerhouse of bringing us the strangest, weirdest, and most enjoyable marketing efforts you could imagine. Instead of simply remarketing ‘we make great chicken’ a hundred different ways, their ad team have gone out the way to sell themselves as topical, light-hearted, truly South African, and fun- and oh yeah, they have tasty chicken too!

Without creative digital marketing, we wouldn’t have viral posts, eye-catching and unusual social media campaigns, and any novel appeal to consumers at all. Creativity is the underlying ‘spark’ that can light a fire to get your brand prominence. After all, standing out from the crowd has been a cornerstone of sensible marketing strategies for years- digital is no different. If customers see no difference and no special appeal in what you do, why should they not simply opt for the cheapest of your competitors instead? In fact, we’d argue that the advent of social media marketing, where your marketing efforts have become part of an entertainment medium, makes creativity even more important.

If you want consumers to connect with you, you need them to invest in your brand financially and emotionally. And that needs a smart, creative digital marketing campaign.

Bringing Creativity to your Brand

So how do you get your brand to stand out from the crowd? Here’s some ways to develop a truly creative digital marketing strategy.

Strong Brand Identity

Without a strong brand identity, you have no digital marketing strategy at all. If your social media marketing, your online marketing, and your website, shop, print ads, and other efforts are all wildly different from each other, how do customers connect your digital marketing campaigns to you? Make sure you see all your marketing efforts as part of a unified holistic whole that anchors your name and brand identity in the minds of your customers.


Throwing random marketing attempts into the wind just equates to a lot of wastage. Not everything has to be a monumental campaign push- the small daily efforts you make earns you followers and strengthens your larger efforts.

So focus on the personal touch, infused with storytelling, that will strike a chord with your core clients.

Going Social

Social media marketing is a must in the current marketing landscape. One bad review can do a lot of harm, while one great post can send you viral. But you shouldn’t be operating blind. Almost every social media marketing platform offers you in-house data insights you can use to keep your social media marketing informed and your reputation strong. And don’t forget the trap that many smaller businesses (and some large ones) fall into- you are not your brand, which should have a strong, independent voice to share. Don’t let your personal thoughts, feelings, and vendettas leak into your marketing efforts for your business, where you need to stay appropriate, strong, and responsive to customer feedback. Instead, let your company values shine through.

A creative marketing campaign is a great way to build your online reputation. If you’re looking to kickstart yours today, why not let the social media marketing whizz kids at Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency help you find the creative voice you need today?