Here at Zebra 360 Online Marketing, we’re your one-stop digital marketing gurus. In the confusing world of marketing jargon, however, what does that really mean? Is that the same as online marketing? Can we help you with your website, social media presence, or even more? Navigating the new technological landscape that sales has become may seem tricky- but don’t worry! As always, we have you covered.

So, what is online marketing anyway?

When you hear the term ‘digital marketing’, chances are what your brain jumps to first is the online world. Specifically, the ads you’ve seen on Facebook and Google, the funny, fascinating Twitter and Instagram channels you follow…. Basically the wide, wide world of social media marketing.

Marketing through social media channels has become a huge part of the ‘online marketing’ world. So much so that it pretty much dominates everyone’s perception of what we do. There’s a little more to online marketing than just social media efforts, however.

It’s any act of marketing through internet channels. So that also covers critical parts of an omnichannel marketing strategy, like your website, email campaigns and newsletters, general web and search engine presence, SEO, blog and content creation, and the holistic sphere of your marketing efforts online.

If that’s online marketing, what is digital marketing?

With digital marketing, we’re taking it a step up again. Now we’re not just looking at online marketing/marketing through internet channels. Now we’re looking at everything technological, and how you market yourself through it. It covers a wide variety of channels, devices and platforms. While the internet is usually involved in many of these activities, it’s not the be-all and end-all of your marketing efforts.

So when you have that stellar app developed to further your brand, that’s digital marketing. Using a smart SMS campaign is also digital marketing. If it involves technology, your brand profile and your marketing team, it falls in the digital marketing remit.

Does the difference really matter?

Objectively speaking, not really. Social media marketing is simply a large subset of online marketing, which in turn is the largest subset of digital marketing. Using the terms interchangeably certainly doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s important to remember, though, that you don’t only have to look to social media, or even the internet, when you are creating a great marketing strategy. In fact, the best brand-boosting campaigns inevitably embrace a holistic, omnichannel strategy that makes smart use of everything you have at your disposal to create the brand image you deserve. With ever-evolving technology at your disposal, the sky is the limit (for now).

Need help creating the winning digital marketing formula for your brand? The Zebra 360 Online Marketing team are here to help.