Hot 2022 Digital Marketing Trends to Know

It’s been a fascinating year! From new tech to ongoing economic interruptions from the global health crisis, from power problems to vaccine programs, it’s been a rocky ride. What does 2022 hold for our social media marketing efforts? The team at Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency take a look. 

  1. Hybrid is in

Hybrid is definitely here to stay. Whether it’s hybrid working or hybrid events, it’s near-inevitable we will be enjoying events online and in-person simultaneously for a long time to come. This means marketers need to explore how best to engage with customers and leads through digital and in-person platforms simultaneously. Some have decided the couch really is their limit, while others are biting at the bit to get back to social eventing. How are you going to bring in AR and VR, alongside other digital best practices, to make sure everyone knows what you offer?

  1. Holistic Content

In fact, if you’re looking to carve out your share of the market, it’s time to get to grips with the interconnected nature of it all. Your PR team can’t give one message, your SEO another, and your social media marketing a third. You need to generate authority, credibility, and visibility, and you need to do it through coordinated marketing efforts, not every department seeing itself as separate. 

  1. Marketing ownership

There’s been a noted swing towards marketing claiming ‘ownership’ of the products they’re working with. It makes sense, after all- when we have a real stake in a product, the motivation to market it can be even stronger. As a digital marketing company, however, what does that really mean? It means making certain you are working with the right products and services, and how to engage meaningfully with performance metrics around them.

  1. The AI Influencer

People have been predicting the death of influencer marketing for a while now. Yet even in troubled 2020, the influencer market was valued at close to $10 Billion, and may cross the $15 Billion mark in 2022. That’s not to say the market hasn’t evolved, of course! Just this year we’ve seen the micro-influencer rise in power. We will see more and more AI integration into the sector going forward. From assessing potential partners to fully predictive AI, this creates an environment where you only pay for conversions and sales, boosting your ROI. Talking about AI, expect new AI marketing methods, including AI chatbots and virtual assistants, to be a booming trend in the next few years, too.

  1. No more cookies

Given how many predictions don’t happen as we expect, this may be another unnecessary doom-and-gloom statement. But many industry experts believe we’re in the last days of 3rd-party cookies, as people become more concerned about who can access their data. So it’s time to get smart with your marketing. From refining first-party data collection to finding better ways to use personalization and targeting without privacy infringement, this is going to be an important trend for a while. 

6) Mobile-first marketing

While we’re spending more time than ever online, less of it is on PCs. We shop and live from mobile devices- which means marketers need to bring them firmly into the spotlight. Mobile-friendly content will rank better and better as we go into 2022, so it’s important to embrace mobile best practices as part of your day-to-day social media marketing.

And there you have it! With your eye on these key 2022 digital marketing trends, you’ll soon be leading the pack. Remember, the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing team is always here to help you boost your brand today.