Creating Email Signatures that Work for You

Did you know that business email communication is still the most trusted brand communication you have at your fingertips? That’s why it’s critical it plays a coordinated role in your digital marketing efforts, too. Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency is thrilled to offer you the brand-boosting power of Clickit to power up your email signatures further- here’s what you need to know.

Do Email Signatures Matter?

The short answer? Yes, they do. Signatures reinforce who you are and what value you bring to your customer. They’re one of the simplest, most powerful routes to instant brand recognition you have- but only if used wisely and consistently! And sometimes, simply making sure all employees are using up-to-date email signatures is a headache on its own. 

Stunning Visual Email Signatures and Campaigns

That’s why Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency is proud to partner with Clickit, the perfect way to seamlessly coordinate and organize your email branding. You have central control, meaning there’s no need to try and get Kathy in Accounting to remember to update her signature monthly, and no risk of broken footers and other glitches from non-tech-savvy members of your team creating the brand impression you don’t want. 

You can even create targeted campaigns for specific employees or departments, schedule changing campaigns, and more. Plus, of course, track the success of every campaign through the smart data analytics at the back end. Fully interactive signatures help drive leads and boost engagement. 

That’s Nice, but I Don’t Like Change!

You don’t have to change anything about how you work, either. Use the same email platforms you’ve always used. Clickit only affects the email post-send, so you don’t have to change a thing about how you work. Only the results you get! Clickit is compatible with all ISPs, you simply tweak some settings to send through our server instead.

There’s also a comprehensive range of cybersecurity in place to ensure data protection and privacy. In fact, we’d go as far as to say your email campaigns will be safer than letting Kathy tinker in her settings herself!

Lets Us Boost Your Emails For You

With Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency powering your campaigns through Clickit magic, you’ll have interactive, on-brand, and campaign-relevant email signatures with utterly no hassle. We will manage your campaigns, groups, and other marketing efforts. All you do is send your regular emails. Clients receive your beautifully branded and on-point email signature with every mail, updated to meet your latest business goals. It couldn’t be easier!

Are you ready for the email signatures your marketing team has been waiting for? Get in touch with Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency today. It’s time to put your emails to work for you- the smart way.