The ridiculously awesome social media marketing guide you didn’t know you needed

Remarketing. It’s one of the most powerful digital sales tactics you didn’t know you’d fallen for. Even if you’ve never heard the term, we can guarantee you’ve been susceptible to this powerful digital sales strategy yourself. What is it, and how can you harness its power for your own brand? Zebra 360 Online Marketing takes a look at everything you need to know about remarketing, and the power of digital persuasion.

What is remarketing?

Have you ever noticed an ad on Facebook, or the internet in general, and then noticed it seems to be stalking you all over? That’s not a coincidence, just remarketing at play. When a user visits a site on the web, a ‘cookie’ gets added to their pc. This is a tiny fragment of code, which allows relevant data from the visited site- usually advert and items of interest- to follow them around the web. So you see that same vase you loved pop up as the banner ad whenever you hop on social media, and it keeps it fresh in your mind. Maybe you even start thinking it’s ‘fate’ that you should get it.

Facebook remarketing- how it’s different from the crowd

Remarketing comes in all shapes and sizes. Google Ads, for example, allows you to craft a specific list of rules for remarketing through their platform. Facebook remarketing offers similar functionality, except instead of using the Google Display Network, your ads will be shown on Facebook. Your potential customer interacts with your brand, the tagging cookie is used, and while they scroll through their feed, your ads pop up to give them a taste of the exciting things you offer. That’s Facebook remarketing in a nutshell, but there are some nuances and different options to consider.

 Customer list

This could well be Facebook’s most powerful lead-generation tool. This enables you to serve up personalised advertisements to customer contacts you’ve already gathered. In a way, it’s the social media version of personalised email promotions, allowing you to use your existing customer database to deliver targeted ads relevant to your existing customers and their place in your sales funnel.

Website traffic

This will likely look the most familiar of facebook remarketing’s tools. Within a set time frame after a lead visits your site, your ad will follow them around their internet activity. With Facebook Pixel as your remarketing tool, you’ll also be able to tailor the audience with certain filters to help better shape and drive traffic.

App activity

If you have an app as a significant point of contact with customers, this could be the approach for you. User behaviour can drive a lot of personalization here. You could, for example, use an abandoned cart to display a promo code for that product to the interested browser. Or target upsell to those who’ve already completed a purchased. The possibilities are almost endless.

Is Facebook Remarketing right for me?

The only question you should be asking is why you aren’t already running Facebook remarketing campaigns. A few simple tweaks to your Facebook’s custom audience, and your prospective base for growth skyrockets. Consider this- 22 billion ad clicks fueled the Facebook network last year. Billions upon billions of users log in daily. And a decent proportion of those have already shown some degree of interest in your product- they’ve looked at your site, or opened your app. Why not position yourself in front of those already-engaged targets? Evidence suggests up to three times the engagement for remarketed ads than regular Facebook ads- so what’s not to love! Remarketing is a no-brainer for attracting more engaged customers. It’s even simple to use, and your friendly Zebra 360 agent will be happy to get you going.

How do I make sure I do Facebook Remarketing right?

Of course, any digital marketing tool needs to be used the right way if you’re going to get the results you deserve. Here’s a few best practice tips for Facebook Remarketing that will help you meet- and exceed- your campaign goals today.

1)   Grow likes through smart list use

Buying followers is usually a bad idea. About the only place where this tactic has any validity is with Facebook advertising in general. Through their paid campaigns designed with a goal of getting page promoters, you can bypass some of the pain of trying to grow a following organically. If you pair that up with smart remarketing, you can reach your top fans, get high-end engagement, and do it with better organic visibility and less cost.

That’s because of Facebook’s ‘relevance score’. It’s a metric that dictates how much Facebook charges you, and how often your ads feature. Engagement rate is one of the biggest influencers to your relevance score so, naturally, if it’s people already interested in your product seeing your ads, chances are your engagement- and relevance score- will go through the roof. Marketing to brand ambassadors means you’re getting cheaper clicks and more visibility, and the best way to attract their attention is through remarketing to already-interested people. Their likes and engagement also help boost your organic visibility through their activity.

2)   Remarket to people who already like or follow you

It’s time to get those followers interacting with your page! Remarket your boosted posts to your Facebook followers. After all, these people not only interact with your brand, but do so on the very same platform you’re marketing on. Obviously they’re in to you! It’s a simple strategy, but sure to boost your engagement rations sky-high, as well as those relevance scores and organic reach metrics.

3)   Custom audiences are your friend

When it comes to Facebook targeting, the sheer nuance of the audience you can create is huge. No one wants to limit their reach by leaving a potential audience member off the list, but the simple fact is that it doesn’t pay to overstretch, either. Leave your audience too wide, and watch your relevance score and visibility plummet. Demographic targeting, and audience targeting, will help you hone in on the exact market who will be interested in this campaign- and adjust your campaigns to suit all sorts of different markets. One of the easiest ways to create an advertising campaign that hits the mark between budget and audience size is by layering some targeting option on top of your custom audiences.

4)   Keep the endgame strategy in mind at all times

It’s a given that you don’t want to over-do your remarketing attempts and burn your audience out. However, there’s times where a more aggressive strategy may serve you well- for limited special offers, say. This is why keeping the goals of your Facebook ad in mind, rather than simply running an ad until the money runs out, is so crucial. Short term campaigns with date- or event-focused deadlines may benefit from aggressive running, with no frequency caps. On-going promotions, or campaigns to expand your reach, need a gentle touch and frequent refreshing so audiences don’t get jaded. Be sure to pay attention to times of day, and the days of the week, that seem to work best for you, and use the data to help refine future campaigns.

5)   Look-alike audience and custom audience- a layer match made in heaven

Look-alike audience ‘clone’ your audience, with the aim of finding other, similar people to act as new leads. It’s a great way to find new audiences. Always consider running your look-alike off of your remarketing audiences, however, if you want to truly harness the power of this tool. After all, your remarketing audience is people you know have interacted with your brand. Allowing Facebook to find similar leads through layering look-alike and custom audience drives up your chances of finding similar leads among fresh blood.

Now you know exactly why your brand needs to be running Facebook Remarketing, don’t you think it’s time you got in on the act? The friendly team at Zebra 360 Online Marketing are here to help, so why not get in touch today?