With the first month of 2019 fading behind us and a host a milestone events, holidays and dates coming up thick and fast, it’s time to sit down, pull our analytics and data closer, and answer the key question- is holiday-based marketing really worth it? Zebra 360 Online is here today to guide you through the thought process.

Does holiday-based marketing really matter?

Sometimes, the process of crafting careful advertising campaigns can seem like a lot of wasted effort. Did they really help boost your bottom line? Did they bring in consumers? Hopefully you already have the channels in hand- your analytics, databases and other CRM procedures- to help you discover that answer in detail for yourself. Remember, no savvy digital marketer works in the dark ‘hoping’… you have your data to give you cold, hard answers. What did the holiday period do for you? Is it worth continuing to match your advertising to the seasons and key dates of the year going forward?

In general, however, the answer should be a resounding ‘yes’. While some industries do benefit from holiday-based marketing efforts more obviously than others, most businesses will see an uptick from marketing efforts focused around key dates. The reasons for this are pretty simple:

  • Urgency: Holidays, alas, don’t last forever. Whether it’s seasonal (like the year-end period) or a key date (like Valentine’s day), your consumer has an end-date in mind. All shopping and preparation needs to be done by that fixed date, so it’s less common for people to hesitate or waffle over their purchasing decisions.
  • Intent: Coupled with this, we have intent. These are times where most people intend to consume already… it’s just a matter of positioning your product as perfect for their needs.
  • Positivity: Few people can resist the ‘spirit of the season’, whatever that season may be. Holidays are a time for positivity and forward-thinking, two factors which make it easier to appeal to them.
  • Relatability: Whether or not the particular customer celebrates the particular holiday, we all know about them. It gives you something decidedly more exciting than the weather to talk about! Whether you want to amp up the positive sides of the holiday, or appeal to our common humanity by offering your consumer stress relief and ease, you have a common, focused topic to converse with them.
  • Inspiration: Holidays are also a time where people turn to media, especially social media, for ideas. How do you celebrate Valentine’s day? What’s a novel gift for my loved one? How can I wow at this function? These give you unparalleled openings to help them answer those questions in a way that adds value to your brand.
  • Numbers: Like it or loathe it, modern culture tends to put an emphasis on spending around holiday times. We’re encouraged to buy. This gives you a fantastic lead-in to focus on your product for whole new audiences already poised to consume at this time.

The nitty-gritty on holiday-focused advertising

These key facts combine to create an environment in which sales and advertising efforts are received more favourably during holiday events than at other times of the year. How successfully this environment works for you, however, is contingent on your own marketing efforts, how well you target them to your intended audience, and your specific industry. It’s also important to remember that these efforts need to be part of an ongoing campaign that keeps your brand fresh, relevant and interesting to consumers- if they only hear from you during the holidays, chances are you will not see the same results as a marketer who simply used the time of year as another key milestone in a well-structured marketing campaign.

Holiday marketing can be a powerful tool in your stable if used with relevance and savvy. Are you keen to start 2019 with a powerful, motivating marketing plan that keeps your business performing its best? Then it’s time to get in touch with the Zebra 360 Online team, so we can help you transform your digital marketing for the future, today.