Today, every business needs a smart and holistic suite of social media marketing to complement your other marketing activities. One of the hardest parts of establishing a great social media presence, however, is knowing which are the best platforms for your products. There’s so many choices these days that you don’t want to fracture your online marketing focus chasing too many tails. With the rise in popularity of video content- and its iconic home in Gen Z’s hearts- TikTok can be a great choice, but only for the right business. Today, the social media marketing whizzes from Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency look at how to know if your business is right for TikTok.

Video Sells- But Only When Done Right

Firstly, it’s very important to note that video content is a critical part of any online marketing campaign- and, as a ‘short video content’ platform, TikTok has value to almost any business. However, social media marketing isn’t just about being there, but having an active and engaging presence- and plenty of engagement. You can fast ‘burn out’ if you’re trying to chase too many platforms just because they’re popular. So ask yourself these key questions first:

  • Are the demographics my brand caters to present on the platform?
  • Can I provide value there?
  • Do I have the ability to invest time and resources there (and is it worth it)?
  • Does it offer potential I don’t have on my other socials?
  • Does it align with my online marketing goals?

Armed with those answers, you’ll be in a much better position to evaluate TikTok- and other socials- for your own brand.

What TikTok Offers

Last year, TikTok was the most downloaded app, with over 2 billion total downloads so far. While it’s heavily used by the youngsters of Gen Z, it also has a wealth of other demographics and a wider appeal. Additionally, over 70% of TikTokers report finding new brands and products through the platform, with half reporting they bought something because of its TikTok presence. And now in-app shopping is on the way. It’s less obviously useful for B2B brands, but don’t discount it- it has a fabulous opportunity to build brand trust and loyalty. To throw some stats in the mix:

  • 38% of TikTok users feel brand authenticity is boosted when they learn through the platform
  • They are about 2.4x more likely to post (and tag) a brand there after buying it
  • 93% of TikTok users feel compelled to take action after watching tikTok videos

Powerful stuff, right? Businesses from dentists to insurance companies have made TikTok work for them, so don’t discount this powerful new social tool.

Embracing Short-Form Videos

All businesses need regular video content in their stable of social media marketing, and TikTok offers one of the best sites for it. With the focus on short-and-sweet video content, you can tell a compelling brand message quickly and with clarity. Provided you’ve done your due diligence and ensured you are reaching out to the right people, it could be the most powerful social platform to leverage for your brand yet.

Most businesses can do well with TikTok if they have a focused and holistic online marketing approach and a clear knowledge of the power of the platform. If you’re not sure how to begin building your brand’s presence on TikTok (or any other social media site), the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing team are always here to help.