What Social Platforms Should I Market On?

Social media marketing is a must for businesses in the modern digital landscape. Almost 60% of the global population use social media, and many of those use it as a primary information source as well as a driver of purchasing decisions. However, with new social media platforms popping up annually, how do you as a business owner decide which ones to focus your marketing efforts on? Should you be aiming to be everywhere, or focusing on a few? Today, the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency team walk you through deciding where to market yourself on social media.

Strategy Over All

A smart marketing campaign starts with a solid strategy- otherwise you simply end up chasing the wind everywhere it blows with little to show for it. Simply appearing on a social media platform isn’t enough to bring in the bucks. You need to have a strategy behind your brand awareness, knowledge of your customers and potential customers, and a plan to engage with them. The best marketing efforts in the world won’t land if you aren’t focusing them in the right place.

Of course, if you have an unlimited budget, being on multiple social media marketing platforms would be fine- but few of us have that option. And the more you split your focus, the less effect you will have. 

So selecting the right social media marketing platform for your business starts by knowing where your customers are. What do they like? What are their age and other demographics? Where does your limited budget have the best chance of getting you results? From there, test out several platforms that seem like a solid match, and then select the ones you want to focus on. Let’s look at some key features of some of the most popular platforms:


It’s likely most businesses should have an Instagram presence. It’s big, it is ubiquitous, and its a great vehicle to appeal visually to clients. It is now one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and while there is some age drop-off among older demographics, almost everyone has a presence here, especially the under-40s

Selfie-style videos and beautiful visual content is the Instagram game, and diverse but consistent posting the way to go. Lifestyle, e-commerce, and other visual-heavy businesses do well here.


The second most popular search engine in the world offers a great opportunity for any business that can benefit from longer videos- think reviews, instructions, how-tos, and interviews. It has a huge and broad reach across wide demographics, but it is video-content only. Balance education and entertainment, tap into YouTube trends, and focus on the under-50s here.


Currently the most popular social media platform in the world, Facebook has recently become negatively viewed by younger demographics. Still, you can post a variety of diverse content here, and it’s great for engaging the over-30s. It also has great engagement provided you can start a conversation. Short videos and bold headlines get attention, while live streams can be a clever way to get eyes on you. Make your strategy here building a community around your brand.


The recent change in leadership on Twitter may change this as a social media marketing platform, so be wary. However, it currently appeals to B2B verticals and tech-savvy users with interest in politics, marketing, and business, and again leans older. It also skews towards male users. It’s a platform for breaking news, real-time interaction, and bite-sized content with a range of types.


This short video format platform has heavy youth engagement, although an older audience is forming. It’s also one of the top-performing social media sites currently. Again, think bite-sized content with musical, informative, or comedic leanings. Follow the trend on this platform until you have a strong brand voice, and make it fun and catchy. It’s a great place for tangentially brand related content, and doesn’t favour overt promotion. Think entertainment and engagement.


Designed as an online ‘vision board’, this platform is heavy in creative inspiration, from travel plans to interior design. It can be a great place to lead customers through your product discovery journey. Most regular users are female, but it has a wide age appeal. Vertically formatted images do best here, and they should be clear and polished, and accessible through common search terms and keywords. Think lists and quotes. LIfestyle, fashion, style, decor, and DIY does well here.


Snapchat has lost some ground in the social media race, but remains heavily relevant among younger people. It is primarily used to share life updates and chat in social circles, so visual-driven storytelling is a must. It is a way to reach teenagers and young adults, but like TikTok, is averse to heavy handed marketing attempts- think entertainment, not lectures.


LinkeIn was conceptualised as a place to network, and it remains a resource focused on the job hunt, connecting with brands, and pushing careers.It is superlative for B2B marketing, and has a surprisingly middle-aged user base, with youth and older adults underrepresented. Images do surprisingly well on LinkedIn, but needs to be clear, concise, and focused with a business leaning.

Finding the right social media platform for your brand can be intimidating. Remember that less is more here. Find a few platforms that resonate with the audience you’re chasing and which you can create solid content for, and build a strong brand strategy on those before trend chasing elsewhere. With solid consistency and a focused marketing plan, you can expand your social media marketing efforts with time, rather than fracturing your attention too much.

Not sure where to start? Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency is always here to help, so don’t be afraid to reach out to us for help in boosting your ROI from social media marketing today.