The continued humanisation of marketing has launched an unprecedented rise in the popularity of video content. In a society making ever-more demands on our time, it’s simply easier- and more compelling- to watch a video than sit down to digest a lengthy, wordy treatise. Here’s Zebra 360 Online Marketing’s roundup of this hot new marketing trend for you- and why your brand needs smart video marketing in its campaigns.

The stats speak

It’s anticipated that 2019 will see video content soar to 90% of internet traffic. We’re already seeing up to 87% of savvy international marketers make use of video content as a key part of their overall efforts. The ‘why’ is pretty simple… evocative images catch attention in a crowded marketplace. Great images and videos increase conversions by up to 80%, and are far more likely to be consumed then text-only content.

Is South Africa behind the times?

Sadly, we are. Far from those beguiling international stats, local marketers have yet to embrace the power of video for their own efforts, and it’s an oft-forgotten part of marketing strategies. In the meantime, press release platforms and social media platforms hunger for clever video content that’s often missing… only 1% of South African content comes with matching, relevant and local visual footage. Can you say missed opportunity?

What’s the secret?

The reason is simple enough- people love clever storytelling. Video content grabs the imagination, sinking the viewer into the story and evoking emotional responses often missing from text only. It’s a hook- one you need to integrate into any smart campaign.

You may respond by simply assuming you have nothing interesting, visually, to share- but you would be wrong. Even the most mundane aspects of your industry can be brightened, lent vibrancy, and coloured for your audience with just a small sampling of video content. Remember that ‘humanising’ your brand has become a key aspect of attracting customer attention. They want to feel like part of the story. It’s no longer enough to just tell… It’s time to show.

Video connects people. It builds emotional links between them and your brand. The only question is how you will use its power to speak to your audience. Let Zebra 360 Online Marketing help you build smart, interactive video campaigns that will bring business flocking to your door this year, and harness its storytelling power for yourself.