Are you looking for the secret to boosting your ROI into the stratosphere? Boosted conversion rates and personalisation of content go hand in hand. Today the Zebra 360 digital marketing team take a closer look at this critical marketing trend.

We like things that speak to us. We don’t like being a nameless, faceless non-entity in the corporate slush pile. 90% of US adults, in fact, feel that personalised marketing content appeals more and engages them more. Personalisation has been efficiently used by giants like Netflix and Amazon for years- and now it’s time to harness them for your business, too.

1.  Place relevant content in front of clients

This one is a no-brainer, really. It requires no data collection, and you can easily automate it to be fuss-free. In each post or piece of content you offer, make sure there are added recommendations of related content. If you’re using WordPress (as you should be), plugins and widgets can handle this for you.

This method is non-intrusive and makes the content piece that drew the reader in, even more interesting and informative. With no reliance on cookies, it simply provides beneficial help and increases the time they spend engaging with your site.

2.  Broad personalisation

Sometimes, it’s better not to hyper-focus in on the consumer when crafting your digital marketing, despite the appeals of personalisation. You want to appear as a helpful, relevant friend- not the stalker looking over their shoulder! Getting too laser-focused in your personalisation can come across as a little creepy, especially in email marketing when it’s delivered to their personal inbox. To shed the stigma of privacy invasion, but still add a personal touch, you can look to things like delivering content by IP address. This allows you to tweak content to a broader audience- such as specific countries- without them feeling you’ve taken it too far. This can even include material in different languages, too. This strategy is especially powerful for eCommerce sites, where you can show local currency, delivery options and much more.

3.  Cater to the new and returning consumer

The needs of a new user to your site will be quite different from those of a loyal customer. Tweaking your content to provide each with a journey more suited to their needs can help client retention and new customer leads both.  Welcome messages or pop-ups can be used to direct new users to useful content. Returning users may rather see your latest content, or recommendations based on past purchases.

4.  Personalise content by incoming lead

What referred this visitor to you? Tweaking your content to answer that question can be a pretty powerful way to alter your digital marketing to match the consumer’s needs. A visitor finding you from Twitter may be partial to the ability to tweet parts of your content more easily. The guest coming through an email marketing scheme, on the other hand, may prefer to see special offers that encourage them to stay on your mailing list.  Pinnable graphics may be the appeal for Pinterest visitors. Meanwhile, those coming directly from paid advertising may want a target landing page that’s immediately relevant to the ad that caught their eye, not to sift through your entire site to find that product or service.

In short, having different versions of content to appeal to different buyer segments can make a huge difference in how they experience the site- and thus their willingness to return again.

Personalisation delivers an enhanced experience to the consumer. From email marketing that speaks to their interests, to smart campaigns that let them interact with your content the way they like most, it’s a surefire way to keep customers clicking. In turn, this boosts conversion rate and ROI. It can be a complex and intimidating arena, but overcoming the initial challenges can deliver hugely for your brand. If you’re keen to get started, it’s time to let the Zebra 360 digital marketing whizz kids help you deploy some of these strategies across your content. You won’t be sorry