It’s common in our industry to hear clients say ‘Well, I have a blog… but I don’t do much with it’. You feel you should do something with it, but can’t think what. Or maybe you’re at least managing to post, but aren’t sure how to drive meaningful engagement… Of course, that’s what we at Zebra 360 Online Marketing are here to do for you!

All the same, it’s critical to have at least an idea of what is going on on your brand channels yourself, and how to build meaningful content rather than just ‘ticking a box’ on a schedule. We always feel it’s such a shame that providers in the tourism industry- one of the most vibrant, happening industries there is- don’t know where to start showcasing themselves, or how to source inspiration from the wonderful industry around them. You’re surrounded by compelling stories, gorgeous views and interesting people every day- you’ve just forgotten the joy of what you do!

So here’s Zebra 360 Online’s top tips on sources for interesting, exciting blog stories in the tourism industry:

1.  Your guests

Your guests are the heart of your business, after all, so why not celebrate them? There’s nothing as camera-happy as someone on holiday, either, and they’re busily sharing those momentos of their great stay with all their family and friends- so why not see if they’ll share them with you too? Just be sure to ask permission from them first before you use them in promotional material!

It’s called ‘social storytelling’. You can make it even easier to use your guests as content-drivers by having a clear idea about any campaigns, handles or hashtags you’re looking to push, and making doing so simple for everyone- prominent posters, mentioned as part of your welcome pack, as an insert in the room, wherever it works. Your guests are there to have fun and enjoy themselves, and social media is a key part of that for many people. Let them help you drive your campaigns with a little forward planning.

Not sure how you can harness your guests to help generate fantastic, authentic social media content that works for you? Why not check out this amazing campaign from Acacia Africa that encourages everyone to feel the vibe?

2. Your people

Ask anyone in the HR industry what your single greatest resource is, and the answer will be ‘your staff’. They aren’t wrong, either. From your chef with a head packed full of delightful stories to the guides who live and breathe the bush, there’s no greater wealth of funny, sad, moving and inspiring stories than the ones that already live in their hearts. All you have to do is tap into them. Everyone from the grounds- and housekeepers to the reception desk have something to share, whether it’s that funny thing that happened that time or the 5 things they wish guests really wouldn’t do. Let them help you build a brand that’s fun, personable and real to your readers.

And, in case you missed the mention of them earlier, turn your attention to your skilled guides and other unsung heroes in particular. No one knows the wonders of the ecological world around you like the tour guides who live and breathe it every day. Every game drive or walking safari is an opportunity for them to bring Africa to life through your blog and capture the imaginations of future guests with real-life experiences. Help them make that magic work for you.

3. Your followers

It would be a mistake to assume that your followers merely want to mindlessly consume. In fact, that’s not what modern social media marketing is about in the slightest! People want to feel included, valued and loved. They want to truly feel like a true part of your community, not a bunch of stats on a sheet somewhere. Hopefully, a high proportion of those same followers have used your facilities in the past, too. Engage with them. Ask them to share their memorable moments, or weigh in with funny stories of their time at your premises. Run a competition, or open up a discussion. The world’s your oyster- so generate content smartly by sharing some of the pie (and the workload) with your followers, too.

4. Your influencers

‘Influencer’ isn’t just a meaningless piece of jargon. Creditable bloggers, videographers, photographers and other operators within your industry have a lot of ‘pulling power’ they can wield on your behalf. Maybe they know the people you wish you did, or can help boost your profile in the eyes of the audience you desire. A classic, 2-way partnership with the right influencer can be golden for you both. Don’t merely court those with a dazzling number of likes, however. Rather reach out to people with a genuine intent to develop strong, meaningful relationships that help foster your growth- but don’t be afraid to keep it business with clear, contractual expectations at the same time, either.

There’s no industry more rife with inspirational, exceptional content than the tourism industry – it’s just a matter of opening your eyes to the beauty around you once again. Now you’re armed with some inspiration to keep your blogs looking fresh and interesting, why not let the skilled team at Zebra 360 Online Marketings help you overhaul your promotional campaigns and drive your business to new heights today?