2023 Website Design Trends Everyone Needs On Their Radar

Time passes, and website design trends come and go. It’s the new mantra to plan your digital marketing strategy too. While the core aspects of great design remain consistent- great performance, a user-friendly interface, and strong, SEO-focused and human friendly content is a must- it’s important to stay up-to-date with trends and changes every year. Luckily, the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency team is here to help! Here’s some new web design trends of 2023 you need to know about to keep your site fresh, friendly, and performing well.

Accessibility Counts

No one is made the same, nor do we access the internet the same way. It’s critical that designers make websites that cater to the broadest market possible. Websites that are designed with accessibility in mind are easier to use for people with disabilities, and they can also improve the user experience for everyone. We’ve even seen recent legal changes in the US, bringing digital assets like websites into the fold regarding accessibility laws. Adding aspects like easy text-to-speech conversion, light-and-dark modes, and other accessibility features is a trend we expect to see accelerate in coming years, too, so it’s worth staying on top of this often-forgotten aspect of web design.

Looking Back to Get Ahead

One glance at your local theatre or streaming platform and one thing is obvious- nostalgia is in. While no one is advocating for a return to the glitter text, screaming music, and slow response of websites from the 90s and 00s, evoking a little nostalgia with your web design choices like fonts, colours, and imagery can help humanise your brand and sell your products better, too.

AI- Not Just For Content

While AI content-creation is having its moment in the sun, there’s a lot more to this new tech than just that. Smart AI integration into the basics of your user interface can help create a smoother customer experience, especially in customer service. From instant chatbot responses that help with basic customer service tasks, to using AI tools to help you work smarter, not harder, there’s a lot to explore with this new technology. And don’t forget AR, or augmented reality. The Pokemon Go game gave a great example of how AR can enhance user experience, overlaying AI-generated aspects on a real environment. From showcasing products to letting customers build their dream home with your offerings, it has a ton to bring to the table.

More isn’t Always Better…

While we mentioned harnessing nostalgia earlier, it’s important to realise that sleek, minimalist designs that help readers skip directly to what interests them remain as popular as ever. While there is such a thing as too much white space on a website, keeping your designs sleek and clean is still a recipe for online advertising success.

…And Micro is In

Do you know what microinteractions are? These are tiny aspects of your web design that help users stay connected and engaged. Think of that progress bar as you fill in an online form. It’s a tiny part of the overall design, but by being there, the users are well aware the process is still underway and they haven’t lost connectivity or had their PC lock up. While small, aspects like this can help keep users patient and engaged, instead of frustratedly clicking away.

More Devices = More Customers

Working hand-in-hand with accessibility is the need to ensure your site is responsive and performing well on a range of devices. The days when the bulk of website users logged in from a laptop or PC are gone. A huge amount of daily website traffic is generated on mobile devices, as well as other technology like Smart TVs and watches. If your website doesn’t work for them, they’ll click away- and your ROI will take a hit.

Going Dark

We touched briefly on Dark Mode as an accessibility feature above- but it’s not just those with visual or health issues who enjoy the ability to cut down on blue light glare. Dark mode provides a sleek and modern look, and it can also reduce eye strain for users who spend a lot of time looking at screens. It also helps minimise sleep interruptions for nighttime doom scrollers! Offering a dark mode feature in your web design- one you’ve carefully curated instead of some default the user’s OS has thrust upon your website- helps ensure a more pleasant browning experience and gives your users choice. Don’t neglect it!

Staying on top of web design trends will help you ensure the best possible user experience and a fresh, appealing user interface for your website. If your website is due for a trend-busting overhaul, the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency team can help you stay trendy, appealing, and converting with ease, so don’t be shy to reach out to us today.