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Website is key to your success

Side Hustles in South Africa: Start with a well designed and functional website

We live in the era of the side hustle. Yet solid data suggests a frightening number of South Africans have yet to embrace the selling power of the internet to help them make the most of their own projects, companies, and side hustles. Since e-commerce stores and websites are the critical first steps for marketing, relatively cheap, and fairly simple to create, they’re an easy source of 24/7 customer support and advertising. Today Zebra 360 Digital Marketing, a premium website development company, is your one-stop source for a range of smart online marketing solutions, dives deeper into the humble website- and why you need one today. 

Websites add credibility

What does Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Nike have that you don’t? Brand credibility. A website is your stepping stone to build that. Most modern consumers will research a business online before they buy. If you aren’t there to be found, what message does this give? That you’re unmodern and uninterested- the last 2 impressions you want your company to give!

The great news, however, is that you don’t need a super-complicated site to come across as savvy and in the know. A few simple pages, or a slick scroller that shows well on mobile devices, is all you need. What’s much more important is that it’s up to date and accurate- outdated info is one of the most-mentioned pet peeves of users. 

The modern website

The pre-social era website was mostly a marketing tool. An online brochure to keep you a little ahead of the competition. The modern website, however, needs to be a carefully planned part of your marketing campaign, with thought and purpose behind the content. A website not only brings in clients, but it’s a place to showcase your story, so customers can evaluate how you align with their values. You can even use it to find new members for your team as you grow.  

In 2019, 29 million of the 56 million people in South Africa used the internet daily. They were shopping, sharing on social media, and looking for information. And that stat is only going to grow. In Africa, especially, it’s representative of how many people can empower themselves and their futures through the use of smartphones that give us not only a phone, but access to the world through the Internet. 

In short, even the smallest business needs a meaningful online presence. And that can’t be a mere copied template thrown up by your cousin’s child’s school friend. Over 75% of South African internet users use mobile devices- a mobile responsive website that displays well and can easily be used on any device is not a want, but a must-have. 

A tool to create customer relationships

What makes a business thrive? It’s well known that it’s easier to keep a loyal customer than find a new one, so let’s rather ask: what makes customers loyal? The feeling that they’re interacting with a company that cares and understands their needs, rather than wants their paycheque, is a key. Your website will help you create this loyalty. Think of your website as a place to:

  • Showcase your brand personality
  • Address things that matter to your consumer through smart blogs and content
  • Let people know WHY they need you
  • Improve your customer service

Your first marketing tool

While some forms of traditional marketing still have merit, many cost more and reach less people than online options. Online marketing should be the backbone of any marketing campaign- and your website is the anchor point for those efforts. Your social media marketing, email campaigns, and videos will help drive inbound avenues of interaction with your website- and, in turn, your sales higher than ever. 

Talking about social media marketing, it’s important to note that ‘being on social media’ is not enough. A Facebook profile and a few good reviews tucked away in the corner of the internet is a good start, but it’s not the core of a marketing plan. Not only are you critically vulnerable to issues like Facebook bans and algorithm changes, but we circle back to lost credibility- many scammers and fly-by-nights also have convincing social pages. A website suggests longevity and commitment. Not to mention that the tide of social media popularity changes in a heartbeat. If your audience leaves your social media platform for the next greatest thing, where does that leave you?

The great leveller  

We mentioned Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Nike earlier. Do you feel like you can’t compete with them? Think again. You may have different budgets and projects, but on a webpage, you’re all equal. A clean and professional online presence showcases you at your best. No one news to know it’s just you and a PC behind the scenes if you can still meet their needs!

Here you can build a portfolio or show off your work. You can use analytics to monitor your traffic and make sure every advertising spend goes to the right place. And you can build a professional brand that shines so you’re ready for success.

Are you ready to get your side-gig noticed the way it deserves? Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency can help you build a website that will enhance every aspect of your business, no matter your size and budget. Nor will it stop there. On top of our website development services, we’re able to offer you a one-stop source for all your digital marketing needs. From developing your marketing strategy to social media marketing, campaign development, creative design work, videos, and anything else you need to stand out in a saturated marketplace, we can help. So why not contact us for more information today?