Monday has a bad rap among us all. We share fun memes about it, but silently curse it every time we roll out of bed to the shriek of our alarms. When it comes to work-related stress, however, we might be doing Monday a great disservice- the experts tell us that Tuesday, in fact, could be the real culprit for work-related stress. While a stressful day is never a good thing, this does have a potential plus side for savvy social media marketers. The Zebra 360 Online Marketing team takes a closer look.

Is Tuesday really the most stressful day of the week?

Indeed. According to recent research, it’s not Monday that piles the most on your plate. As the first day back at the grindstone, Monday is often spent creating the flow for the rest of the week. Stories and office banter are swapped. Emails are checked. Meetings are scheduled. In short, it’s a whole lot of busywork easing us back into the weekly flow.

That’s probably a sensible way to structure your week- but come Tuesday at 10 am, it won’t feel like it. That’s when the Mack Truck of our real workload comes crashing in.  With a day already ‘wasted’ to planning, this is where we scramble to tasks we were putting off. ‘To do’ lists feel mountainous, bosses start to whine, deadlines suddenly leap closer.

It’s not really a healthy working mindset, of course, but many parts of the modern corporate rat race leave us drained and not invigorated. Although many firms are beginning to put a bigger focus on work-life balance, for others it’s just nose to the grindstone. From a social perspective, it’s a recipe for stress. From a social media marketing perspective, however, it can be a little different.

The hidden lining to the Tuesday gloomy cloud

For social media marketers, this Tuesday slump does have an unexpected silver lining. We seemed awfully specific when we mentioned the time up above, didn’t we? We can pinpoint the weekly doom-and-gloom so precisely because of one thing- 10 am on Tuesday is also when website and social media traffic sees a peak. Keen to escape the crushing weight of our responsibilities, that’s when many of us head online to break the boredom and lift our spirits.

As a social media marketer, that means that this time of week should always be a key part and focus for launching content. If you want people to see what you’re up to, this could well be one of the best times around for it.

While we can’t exactly be glad that we all see a ‘stress peak’ in the week, this increased web traffic and receptiveness to content that breaks the monotony of the working day can be a useful tool for the smart digital marketer. Keen to know more about the fascinating world of trends, peaks and dips? Why not chat to the Zebra 360 Online Marketing experts for a few pro tips?