Introducing video marketing alongside your existing efforts may well be the single most important marketing decision you make in 2020. The video revolution is underway, and you don’t want to be the brand left behind. With a great ROI and ever-increasing audience appeal, video could be the missing piece of our marketing puzzle. Zebra 360 Digital Marketing takes a closer look.

What’s the appeal of video marketing?

Video content seems tricky to make, so it’s natural that some feel keen to avoid it. It’s a mistake, however. Videos honestly do show a great ROI, boosting conversions and sales alike. This data, surprisingly, holds true over a wide range of industries. Why is this? The answer is fairly simple. Humans are a visual species and vision is our dominant sense. Moving pictures attract attention, and the ‘authentic’ feel of video, in an age of digital shopping fraud and where image manipulation is rife, makes a brand seem trustworthy and appealing.

This trust factor is pretty important. The foundation of a solid business is built on trust. It’s also never been as important as it is today, in the era of the soft sell and the brand relationship. Letting people come to you through content consumption is a brand-boosting strategy everyone needs. And video fosters an emotional connection with your viewers.

Video production may not be cheap, nor particularly easy, but it pays off. Encouragingly, the focus needs to be on content, not production perfection. If the audience feels the service or product isn’t being explained well, they’ll be turned off far quicker than if there’s a gaffe or two in the production.

Google loves videos too, and so do mobile phones

Watching a video also keeps a visitor on your site for longer. And Google loves to measure content-worthiness and brand visibility by time spent. In the time since their acquisition of YouTube this trend has only increased. With this in mind, don’t neglect your video optimisation for SEO!

Google’s not the only video fan, however. Mobile users can more easily consume video content on their devices than almost any other content form. Global smartphone ownership is only growing, and catering to this critical demographic is key.

It’s a simple and easy way to consume content and understand brands

Video is a great medium to explain new products and services. It’s one of the easiest ways to connect with a possibly confused audience. Remarkably, animated videos have been shown to be one of the most effective ways to put across difficult concepts, beating out text and live video both by offering nostalgia, entertainment and simplicity.

Besides being a fantastic tool to learn with, however, video is also easy to consume. Even the laziest of buyers can engage with a video. In a world filled with excess stimulation, the simple lull of watching a screen can be hypnotic in ways very good for your brand’s bottom line. Even video ads attract some of the highest click-throughs of any advertising today.

Videos are made for sharing

Social media marketing is, of course, an important part of the modern marketing landscape. And videos connect with people’s emotions. As the saying goes, people share emotions, not facts.

From viral marketing to how-to instructionals, video content marketing is one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox. If you’re keen to set 2020 on the path to a successful year of digital marketing, it’s time to let Zebra 360 digital marketing boost your bottom line with quality video content.