Why your business needs a blog TODAY

Blogs, or written-word social media marketing content, don’t always get the love they should. It’s tempting, when you first wade into the online marketing arena, to focus on image and short-form content, especially as sites like Instagram make it easy to do so pretty professionally. Yet blogging is a key aspect of your SEO, an easy way to keep content fresh and circulating, a critical part of building rapport with your audience, and one of the best ways to generate trust, influence, and visibility. Today the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency team walks you through why every business needs a blog.

  1. They boost your visibility

Visibility is getting more and more difficult in the online marketing world, especially organic visibility that isn’t supported by ad payments. We’ve already looked at how a website anchors your social media marketing efforts, and creates a business hub you should be building your campaigns around. How do you build up your website’s visibility, however? Every blog on your site gives you another page to be indexed (we look at exactly how critical this is in point 2) and another chance to show up on search engines. It also does things at a deeper level. It shows search engines your site is alive and vibrant, and that new content is incoming regularly.

Nor will your blog live and die on your website. Now it’s up as an anchor, you have content you can use for social media marketing. This bolsters your reach there, again shows that you’re alive and actively engaging people, and will pull in new visitors to your blog and website. It’s also an easy piece of content for people to share.

  1. They are critical to SEO

SEO, or making content that search engines can easily recognise and use, is the lifeblood of digital marketing. Keywords, especially long-tail keywords and search strings that answer commonly searched questions, are a cornerstone of online marketing and visibility. Nor should you ever be confined to one static list- there’s a ton of relevant keywords you can use to attract attention. But gone are the days of keyword spamming. So how do you present a balanced, audience-friendly SEO target piece? A smart blog! Nowhere else do you have this opportunity to get search engines to see you as the master of a specific content niche, not just visitors, so use it wisely. Get your blog running.

  1. Conversions, conversions galore!

What else happens when a well-written and smart blog draws visitors in? Your call-to-action pulls them further in, of course! Now they’ve engaged with your content and have seen that you know what you’re doing, you can pull them further in- be it to explore another related blog, or head to your shop, or sign up to your newsletter.

  1. Link your social media marketing strategy to your website

It’s important to realise that Google, specifically, has started mining social media content posts as potential search returns. Through a well-created blog, you can kill two birds with one stone, and make sure those indexed blog posts are also boosting your website, too.

  1. A blog is your best long-term content marketing strategy (and voice)

As you know, building an audience through relevance and trust is vital to your digital strategy. In a well-written blog, you can showcase your knowledge, answer common questions, and offer knowledge that will vastly improve your client’s lives and experiences with your products. It’s a great way to set yourself up as the go-to expert in their lives. It vastly enhances the brand-building personality you’ve created, makes you credible, and presents you as an approachable, caring, and engaged expert. It’s the best opportunity to build your voice.


And once those articles are up, they stay there. Unlike many social media marketing posts, they can generate leads and authority weeks, months, or even years after you posted it. In fact, it’s over time that a blog will start to show its worth, not immediately. Timeless and well-chosen topics will generate more views every month, anchoring you in the online marketing landscape.


Of course, these benefits hinge on having an authoritative, well written, and engaging blog to share. If done unprofessionally, you could hurt your marketing efforts. But don’t worry- that’s why you have the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing team on your side, to ensure you create the perfect blogsona to move your marketing efforts forward.