Building Emotional Connection with Potential Customers

Humans are complex, social beings who thrive on emotional connection. A smart brand can build customer confidence, inspire positive emotions, and inspire their customers- but it hinges on creating an emotional connection with your brand. For digital marketing efforts to truly succeed, this should be a key focus of your marketing efforts. Here’s some top tips from the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency team on establishing, maintaining, and honouring this critical part of the brand experience.

Brand Loyalty- Not A Thing of the Past

In an era where we’re presented with ever more diverse options, it’s easy to assume that brand loyalty is a thing of the past. Yet people like to buy what they trust and know. Customers go where brands make them feel great, and support companies which they perceive as enhancing their lives. Emotions play a strong role in that. So what can you do to help foster that critical emotional connection with your customers?

  1. Provide a Great Experience

This one should go without saying, but let’s say it anyway. Customers support brands that treat them well. This needs to be something you look at holistically through your entire sales process. From the first point of contact to the post-purchase support they receive, make sure you’re building a seamless, easy-to-use, and positive customer experience. Answer questions, offer value, and be available to help them pre-and post-sale.

  1. Prove Capability

People also like to feel like they are in safe hands. This means you need to present an organised and capable face to the world. If they have to hunt down your contact details, cannot get consistent answers or service, and generally struggle with getting the results they desire, you come across as poorly organised and inefficient. Make sure every aspect of your brand identity is on-brand and professional.

  1. Add Personality- But Not Your Own

A strong brand voice is critical to build an emotional connection to your business. Well used, humour and personality make your brand shine. Obviously, however, this doesn’t mean turning your brand into comedy hour. How much humour is suitable depends on your industry and clientele, and it’s critical that the consistent messaging is the voice of your brand, and fully suitable to it. This isn’t an excuse to insert your own opinions and beliefs into your company’s voice or get on a pedestal to preach,either. But a humanised, ‘real’ brand identity allows people to feel that they’re dealing with people, not merely a money-hungry corporate entity, and can do wonders for building that critical emotional bond.

  1. Keep Your Promises

In a market where cheap and lackadaisical are becoming norms, being known as a brand that delivers is crucial to connect with your consumers. If they know you will deliver exactly what they ask for, you’ll find greater trust and a better brand perception come naturally. 

  1. Tell a Story

Humans are very visual creatures, and we respond on deep levels to good storytelling. From creating compelling content that truly speaks to the audience right through to letting powerful customer testimonials inspire confidence in people with similar issues, telling your story and telling it well is key.

In B2B, Emotions Matter Too

Everything we’ve mentioned here comes more naturally to Business-to-Consumer brands than it may for a Business-to-Business endeavour. It’s tempting to see the B2B space as a place where everything is clinical and done by the numbers, but that’s not so. While data and other factors can play a greater role in the B2B space, without a true emotional connection to your brand you’re just one of many and easily replaceable. On the flip side, a reliable business partner you trust is one you will go back to time and again.

Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword, but rather a critical cornerstone of your marketing efforts. Establishing an honest, deep, and trustworthy bond with your customers helps ensure both positive word of mouth and repeat business, at very little cost to your bottom line.

The Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency team are the brand experts, helping many businesses just like yours to tell their stories in a way that resonates with their customers and boosts their brand. Don’t you think it’s time you leveraged that same expertise for yourself?