How do you know when it’s time to get real about your social media advertising and bring in the pros? It’s tempting to look at online marketing as a ‘nice to have’, rather than a cornerstone of driving sales and conversions. This goes double for smaller businesses with budgets that need careful tending. DIY approaches, however, will only take you so far before it starts becoming your second job- and you have the first one to attend to! Here’s Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency’s top tips on when it’s time to bring in the experts to keep your online marketing delivering results.

It’s probably earlier than you think
We all know the pain of a tight budget. Online advertising, however, and social media advertising in particular, has become one of the fastest-growing marketing industries. With it has come a remarkable development in how we consume data- and how marketers use it. Interpreting this successfully can be overwhelming. Business success depends on being able to reach, entice, and convert customers. There’s no point in waiting until it’s too late and things are already sliding. Instead, you want a proactive solution that will bolster business success.
Signs you need a social media marketing agency

Of course, the number one sign your digital marketing is failing and you need expert help is that you aren’t getting the results you need and want. If your efforts have been working well to date, but now you find previously successful ideas are getting nowhere, it’s time for a fresh set of hands to jump start your marketing again.

What else is there to consider? Let’s take a look.

Workload: Marketing will become a second job sooner or later. When it becomes too heavy a burden, it’s time for help.
Time: If you can’t keep up with the production of smart, engaging content, then outsource it to someone who can.
Comfort: If you feel like you’re drowning trying to keep up with the many metrics and data algorithms you need for successful marketing, it’s time for help
Disinterest: This isn’t your primary job and doesn’t have to be. If you could, but simply don’t want to, it’s ok to hand the work on.
Profitability: ROI is a key feature of all marketing. If your current efforts are delivering lacklustre results, it’s time for an expert hand.
Budget: A smaller budget will likely benefit from an agency’s help. While larger firms can afford to carry expertise in-house, you probably can’t, and it will be a far more streamlined process letting an expert firm handle it for you.
Results: Lacklustre leads and no new customers means you need a marketing strategy revamp.
Competitors: Are your competitors winning? Then it’s time to get down to business with a social media marketing firm which knows how to get you in front again.

Establishing your brand identity
Additionally, it’s time to get real about your brand. Are you easy to identify at a glance? Do people know who you are? Do you even have solid branding, or does it change with the whims of whoever’s putting together the advertising this week? Proper online campaign management goes beyond mere advertising, to helping you assemble a real brand presence that will do more than just reach new customers.

Are you ready for a digital marketing agency? If you’re ready to get your brand in the best shape it’s ever been, and start converting those leads into paying customers, it’s time to get hold of Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency and let us help you put your brand first and then start producing some results. Zebra 360 Online is your one stop shop.