Email marketing, who needs it, right? Wrong! One of your most powerful digital marketing tools is also one of the simplest and most accessible- when done right, that is. Here’s some top tips on email marketing from the experts on the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency team. Which will you try first?

Not a matter of social media marketing vs email marketing

Firstly, it’s important to realise this will never be an either-or. A proper online marketing campaign is a key part of marketing for business. Your email marketing should be a valued part of that whole, not something you do instead. Opting for one over the other instead of a balance will become constraining. Email marketing is, in fact, a fantastic way for small businesses with limited marketing budgets to keep getting their conversions. Remember, though, the three keys of any social campaign- relevant, responsive and contextual. The idea is for the receiver to enjoy and find value in the message. Otherwise, it’s just spammy. 

On which note- yes, email marketing has a reputation as spam. However, this wholly depends on the way you handle your marketing, the value you provide to your receiver (as we mentioned) and the way you handle it.

Getting real about email marketing

Let’s be honest. Most email communication ‘campaigns’ are either boring and doomed for the trash bin, or actively pushy with sales. Neither of these approaches will work well for your business. Instead, you should be thinking of useful, high-quality content tailored to the individual’s preferences. It’s far easier to do this if you’re thinking of an integrated social campaign, not treating them as separate issues.


What does smart integration of email into your social campaign bring you? Let’s take a look!


  • Greater reach– your email subscriber list allows you to create your custom audience- something you can use remarketing on for social media. By sharing mailed content further, you’re also generating a buzz around your products, encouraging more signups to email in turn.
  • Target VIPs- who regularly engages with your communications? These VIP candidates should be receiving exclusive rewards from you, to keep them loyal.
  • Fantastic conversion- a smart email campaign can be shared by readers to socials too. This will drive open and click-through rates, and ROI and conversions in turn. Win-win!
  • New chances to interact- when you interact with consumers across multiple platforms, you look active and engaged. In turn, they can access discounts, updates, and product launches, keeping you front-and-center of their thoughts. 
  • Keep balance- inbound and outbound marketing strategies both mesh well with email.

What good email marketing looks like

What facets make up a solid email campaign? Firstly, you need short titles that grip the mind, pulling the reader to open and find out. Secondly, you should already be using the power of data metrics and remarketing to offer personalisation to your customers. Email marketing, in particular, benefits heavily from personalisation. Lastly, of course, you should also be tracking the data from your campaign, tweaking and evolving it as you learn more about what your customers like. Everything from what you send to when you send it can affect how well received the campaign is.


Don’t forget to work on building your email campaign list with opt-in subscriptions promoted through other channels of contact. In fact, as you know, every business should be running a blog delivering high-quality content to their readers, and email makes a great adjunct to your blog campaigns. From allowing mailing list opt-in on the blog, to teasing content through emails, they make a great pair.

Smart online marketing is integrated, relevant, and fresh, and email lists offer a great way to keep a personal touch to your customer communications. Not sure where to start building a POPIA-compliant email marketing campaign? Why not let Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency give you the hand you need to get the ROI you want?