Facebook Pixels and YOU: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (But Daren’t Ask)…

We at Zebra 360 Online Marketing firmly believe that, where there’s a simple tool to help you get the job done better, you should use it! Nowhere is that more time – and labour-saving than in digital marketing. Yet Facebook Pixels – one of Facebook’s most powerful marketing tools to date – remains one that seems to fly under everyone’s radar.

That’s why, we’re cracking the mysteries of these nifty little add-ons wide open, and bringing you the low down on everything you need to make a success of Facebook Pixels in your business.

What are Facebook Pixels, Anyway?

Facebook Pixels are designed to help you make the very best of your Facebook advertising attempts (and budget). Quite simply, their primary intention is to help you correctly target your ads. They do this through tracking how customers are interacting with your website… and then tailor-making you a custom advertising audience to match.

A Facebook Pixel is a piece of code you will insert into the HTML of your web page. It functions very like a ‘cookie’, actually. Once active, it collects data about the people visiting your site- data which will help create a meaningful picture of your client base. This enables you to better track conversions, as well as tighten up your focus for advertising purposes. It’s versatile enough it even allows for cross-platform data collection, so no matter what device your customer views your site on, the data will be recorded and tied to the same user.

By making smart use of this data you can target your Facebook ads better, ensuring that people with an existing interest in your services see your ads more. In short, think better ROI and higher conversions, and who doesn’t love those?

Even if you have yet to launch a Facebook ad campaign, you can preemptively install Pixels to ensure your pool of data is building already, ready for later use.

How Do I Use Facebook Pixels Like a Smart Digital Marketer?

Facebook Pixel data collection allows you to target your ads at people that have already visited your website- in other words, people who already are thinking about using your product, but may need a little extra push.
That’s not all, however. It can also use that same data to help you recreate an audience profile that’s similar to these ‘actively interested’ users. By using mutual interests and demographics, this should position you better to reach the people who consume brands like yours.

It also, coincidentally, gives you more information on how your website itself is being used, what the client’s journey through your site is, and even whether they re-visit from different devices.

Should My Business Be Using Facebook Pixels?

Better data, clearer targeting and a smoother integrated experience? Who wouldn’t want that for their brand? Facebook Pixels offer no tangible downside in their use – only a ton of pulses that will help make your advertising budget work smarter and stretch further. Even if you aren’t currently running Facebook ad campaigns, beginning to build that wealth of data for the day you do can be invaluable. It’s even free!

Facebook Pixels are one of those ‘hidden gems’ whose power every business (and every smart digital marketer) should be harnessing for themselves. Not sure how to get hooked up with these powerful marketing tools for Facebook? Why not drop the team at Zebra 360 Online Marketing a line today, and let us help you stay ahead of the pack!