If ‘location based marketing’ just sounds like another marketing buzzword you have to know, never fear! Zebra 360 Online is here! With all the info you need to make smart marketing decisions using location based marketing services on devices like smartphones and laptops.

What is Location Based Marketing, anyway?

Location based marketing is surprisingly simple! It’s the ability to personalise what content appears to your target users, depending on where in the world they are accessing your information from. This helps you personalise their experience with your brand even more, bridging the gap between their physical world and your digital presence seamlessly. It’s particularly useful where you are presenting ‘actionable content’ they can use, or location specific campaigns, and can boost the response you receive by up to 500% – which is certainly something to take note of!

Why does Location Based Marketing work?

Figures from the Good Push Index by UrbanAirship are very useful to help us understand exactly why this marketing approach gets the results. They measured whether ‘influenced opens’ (i.e, where a push message compelled someone to open an app) performed better when they had location-based awareness behind them, or were a simple untargeted broadcast. The data came back overwhelmingly in favour of location-aware situations… 293% higher than general broadcast messages! Their data suggests that, at least where apps are concerned, people are generally happy (usually 60-80% opt-in) to share their location information where they balk with sharing other, more personal data, yet this can be a powerful tool for your marketing just in itself. The conclusion? Personalised, location-aware push messages were very favourably received by app users in their study. People like relevant, focused content that meets their needs, after all.

Breaking away from apps, to a wider social media marketing market: Did you know that we can use this same trend in your brand’s favour? With social media being all about ‘people selling to people’, this is taking marketing to new heights! People like to see relevant, interesting information when they search for data. Someone looking for help with a broken laptop screen in Gauteng isn’t going to be interested in seeing a marketing campaign from a company based in Brooklyn, New York, after all! It wastes their time and your money to even show them that information! Location Based Marketing helps keep your marketing tight, relevant and attractive to the end user – and saves you from spending money unnecessarily.

Harnessing the power of Location Based Marketing for your brand

Imagine being able to ensure that users at your Cape Town branch see compelling current specials relevant to them, while those at your Gauteng and Durban branches get the same information, all simply by searching on their devices or using your media content. Picture being able to keep your marketing budget tight and on track without wasting critical clicks on customers who will never be able to access your services? Location Based Marketing will ensure that your client base see the information and campaigns relevant to them, immediately. No hassle, and no hunting for info on their side. It’s simple and it’s smart – what’s not to love about that?

If you’re keen to optimise your Location Based Marketing content, let Zebra 360 Online help you achieve your marketing goals.