Instagram Stories has blown up! Two years in and the ‘Instant Photo Sharing App’ has completely changed the way we consume social media content. With around 400 million daily users, making it the fasting growing platform ever, Instagram Stories is almost a MUST for any brand on Instagram.

Although a seemingly direct copy of the Snapchat App, Instagram Stories took the world by storm in a craze like fashion. Gone are the days of only sharing perfectly curated content – share your brand story as it happens, and make people feel like they are a part of your brands build up.

Zebra 360 Online Marketing is breaking things down for you to show you why you HAVE to use Instagram Stories for your brand.

What is Instagram Stories, anyway? Sounds tricky!

Instagram Stories is a really easy to use part of the Instagram app that allows you to share (relatively) uncurated snapshots of short, 15 second video or static pictures that show followers (which in a business sense could be avid followers of your brand or potential customers) what it’s like in a day in the life of the brand or company.

Instagram Stories is actually now seen as its whole own platform. Although connected to Instagram, IG Stories has a very different look and feel to it’s parent platform.

Well, What’s the difference between Posting on Instagram Stories and other Social Media Platforms?

Much like the grandpa of stories, Snapchat, Instagram Stories are only visible for 24hours, where Facebook and Instagram Feed posts are there for as long as you want them to be. Instagram Stories is all about ‘in the moment’, ‘behind the scenes’ real coverage and insight into what makes you and your brand ‘tick’, whereas Instagram and Facebook imagery is more often curated ideas that you want long lasting reach.

But why must I use it? Do I have to pay for it?

Use IG Stories to help reach your audience in a real way and grow your following. With Instagram Stories being discoverable (using hashtags and popping up on Explore) it’s a great way to grab someone’s attention.

What’s the best part of it, other than it being SO very easy to use? It’s free. If you have Instagram, you’ve got Stories! If you’re worried about extra costs and overheads, don’t even stress. It just takes time. Use the tools the platform provides to dress up your content with filters or stickers, or event to film in cool ways to mix it up a bit. There are even brands out there using IGS to creative graphic designs for other platforms… the marketing world is your oyster here.

I’m busy enough already! How often do I have to post for my brand? And will it even work?

Instagram Stories gets the best reach when you post at least 1 post daily, but if you have a fair amount of work under your belt – this can be time consuming. We would suggest no less that 1 story weekly of 2 – 3 images.

We can talk all day long about algorithms, but the best way to stay on the platforms radar, and keep reminding people you are there, is to use IG Stories as often as you can. But, always keep to the key ‘social media’ rule: quality over quantity. Don’t post for posting sake.

Instagram Stories is ALL about adding the human element to your content. We’ve (in the marketing industry) been speaking a lot about how important it is to make sure your brands voice on line is personal. We say it fairly often but you have to remember that social media is about that person to person sale – to within brand tone and CI, speak to your followers as people.

Are you ready to give it a try? If you’re looking to incorporate Instagram Stories into your marketing strategy, but you’re looking for that extra dazzle, Zebra 360 Online Marketing is your go to team.