In a world that’s saturated with the hows of social media marketing, have you ever stopped to ponder the whys? We thought not! That’s why Zebra 360 Online Marketing are taking a good, long look at lead generation from social media, and why it needs to be the core of all your marketing efforts.

Every successful modern business has a strong social media presence, but why are you putting in all the hard work on these platforms in the first place?

Content doesn’t lead directly to sales, after all. The process is a more subtle blend of driving traffic and leads to create more sales. Social media is particularly good at this. Statistics prove that leads generated on social media close more often, that Internet users are happy to spend their time on social networks (boosting your visibility), that they are the platforms most expected to keep growing significantly in the future, and that companies that are social media savvy are already seeing boosted profits.

The next question is how to make sure you are one of them…

What do I need to do to set myself up for success?

So, how do you position yourself to get the same advantages?

Start by having a proper, structured strategy with a long-term plan – don’t bounce randomly from strategy to strategy. A key part of this is going to be using multiple channels properly geared to your target audience, and ensuring you’re maintaining a regular presence there.

Don’t let your accounts die, and make sure the content you are posting is relevant and sets you up as an influencer in your market through smart research and tailored keywords

So, what’s the social media marketing secret to lead generation?

Now you’ve got your social media house in order, it’s time to start focusing on lead generation.

Hopefully, your platforms already interest your target audience, and they already see you as an influencer they can trust in your industry. Now it’s time to start cross-promoting your hard work, ensuring social sharing buttons are working for your interests.

Remember to engage with your audience too, responding to their comments or messages in a way that makes it clear you appreciate the supporters of your brand. From now on out, it’s a case of using data-tracking tools like Google Analytics, Insights and smart SEO to keep your brand prominent and relevant, and adapting to what the data tells you.

It’s super important to realise the process of lead generation from social media isn’t a once-off thing. Making a large push to engage your audience and garner leads and data, then falling off will do immense damage to your marketing efforts overall.

While content production is a critical part of the journey to online success, it’s only the first step in that process. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the prize, and keep working towards gathering the data that will help you convert consumers’ initial attention to real lead generation.

Remember, if you need any assistance with your advertising strategies, Zebra 360 Online Marketing are always here to help you boost your social media marketing.