We’re all aware that the world has become a digital place, based on the WWW. We eat, sleep and breathe marketing – but are you doing what’s right for your brand? Traditional, ‘old-school’ methods of marketing are not as immediate, direct, trackable and impactful as online marketing can be.

Do you know the ins and outs of your target markets and how to get them built into online audiences for advertising? How do you do that flashy thing with the pictures? Do you know which creative methods work to catch the eyes of potential clients on the busy internet? How do you do that thing that gets the views up on videos?

This is why you could need a full service digital agency to help you with your online marketing! Zebra 360 Online takes a look into how it helps.

The era of ‘Just Google it’ is here

The world of knowledge has become just one click away, whether through a desktop or your smart mobile device. Most people’s reaction to needing goods or services is a simple ‘Just Google it’. The critical question for your business has thus become ‘are you one Google click away from being found’?

From where your paid advertising is being seen, to how your site looks to Googles’ home page, right through to your presence on the ever-ubiquitous social media channels used by your clients – your actions need to be netting you the online attention of your ideal clientele.

While it is possible to do this yourself, or using the varied services of a couple of niche specialists, is it not just simpler and easier to use a holistic digital agency to handle everything in one spot?

By the way, what is a ‘niche digital agency’?

When you hire a ‘niche agencies’, they will be focusing solely on one platform – where their extensive expertise lie – be it development of websites, or marketing via a specific social media platform. Although this can be a great solution for certain situations, such as where your audience only favour one particular platform, generally it’s not a route we would suggest taking.

Imagine the confusion of having one specialist per platform, and then trying to launch a cohesive, multi-pronged advertising campaign – half of your resources and your precious time are going to be wasted making sure each specialist is on the exact same page with your intentions, and you’re going to be doing an awful lot of that coordination work yourself!

On the flip side, a full service digital agency handles everything you do online – meaning, your plan of attack is always full comprehensive, holistic, well coordinated and focused, and all efforts are spent where it matters most to your business. There is no variation in the ‘voice’ that’s speaking for your businesses – no matter which channel it’s working through.

A full service digital agency handles everything, from your website and SEO right through to content writing, your social media channels and all online marketing efforts, ensuring everything is smooth, cohesive and thoroughly planned.

So, what other benefits to a full service digital agency are there?

Consistency and simplicity aside, there’s a few other good reasons to use a full service digital agency.

Firstly, it’s a matter of business confidentiality. The more niche specialists you use, the more people have access to sensitive core data about your company, and that’s rarely a good thing. Nor should this power ever be in the hands of in-house staff members, who can be transient and lack the dedication to your business that you have. The less people involved in the chain of coordination in general, the less time you spend synchronizing your marketing efforts – leaving you more time to dedicate to your core business.

Plus, of course, there’s the benefit of the copious experience in the marketing arena they bring to the table.

Well, what will a full service digital agency do for me?

Your agency should come up with SEO and content strategies, design strategies for your apps and websites, and develop a social media strategy tied in with advertising efforts to help drive sales conversions for you. They will then focus on the nitty-gritty of implementing these strategies over the course of the campaign or contract.

Opting to use a full service digital agency to help you design, coordinate and implement your marketing goals is a great way to harness the expertise of those fully comfortable with the intricacies of the various platforms that suit your business, allowing you the benefit of a holistic marketing strategy specially tailored to your needs and the eyes of your clients.

Looking for a full service digital agency in South Africa? Why not speak to Zebra 360 Online today, and see how we can help you create your ultimate online marketing plan.