Google Ads and Facebook: The perfect marketing pair

Humans like choice, so it’s natural that we all have a different favourite in the world of social media. One thing is undeniable for smart social media marketing, however- love them or loathe them, Google Ads and Facebook are two key cornerstones of any marketing strategy. With these two, more than any other platforms, it’s key to expand your worldview and make sure you’re looking at smart ways to make them work together as well as separately, instead of treating them like two wholly unrelated strategies you’re deploying. As always, the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing team have tips to help you on the way to Integrate your digital marketing strategy

Hook them with Facebook, net them with Google

A smartly developed Facebook campaign is generally thought of as a great way to convert a cold audience and get your brand name in front of them. Have you ever considered how many curious souls hopped to Google to search your brand name because of those ads, though?

You really should! A surprising number of people jump straight to Google for a curious search after seeing something eye-catching on Facebook, enough to push brand searches up by about a third when good Facebook campaigns launch. It makes sense- some people want to know more about you before they bite on an interesting Facebook campaign.

With a smart funnel in place to ensure you also have the Google Ads net in place to close the deal with those inquiring about you as a result of your Facebook advertising, you can bring even more customers to the table. Simply make sure your brand name is a keyword for your ad campaigns, and keep the advertising message consistent across platforms so they recognise you. 

Don’t forget to unite your headlines

So, now you know how closely Google searches for your brand and successful Facebook campaigns can go hand in hand, it’s time to look at something else.

Catchy headlines net interest. Catchy headlines written the right way could well drive aspiring clients to Google to find out what’s going on. Imagine their disappointment if they find nothing at all! Don’t waste the power of your catchy Facebook headline- make sure that your Google Ads campaign directs the curious right to where you want them, too.

Deliver the perfect ad to your potential customers

The previous 2 points we’ve made have both centred around making sure any Facebook campaign viewers that ‘leak’ away to Google can be swiftly rounded up and put back in your sales funnel, regardless of original Facebook campaign clicks.

What happens with designed retargeting, then? Interfacing between your Google Ads campaign and your Facebook campaign smartly means taking retargeting to new levels cross-platform, rather than simply displaying the same ads to past visitors in the same place they’ve seen it before.

If you’re using unique landing pages for your campaigns, you can even set up a beautiful feedback loop where specific Google searches direct people to relevant Facebook ads that appear to be exactly what they’re looking for. It just takes a little marketing savvy.

Find new audiences more easily than ever

No one can deny the inherent power in Facebook’s ‘lookalike’ audience feature. What if you could expand it to create the same lookalike audience for your Google Ad site visitors?

Creating a lookalike audience based around site visitors from search campaigns isn’t the first lookalike audience you should create. Typically, you’ll focus on your top customers, first, and refine your lookalike data for the quickest results. However, once you have a firm protocol for lookalike data in place, it’s worth considering it. Just because the people who actually clicked your Google Ad didn’t convert, doesn’t mean their ‘lookalikes’ searching your keywords won’t. It’s a higher-level marketing strategy, and needs some careful refinement to make it work to its best, but there’s a lot of power in this particular aligning of your Facebook and Google campaigns. 

We could go on for pages longer about clever ways to make your Facebook and Google campaigns synchronise and work even better for you, but each individual strategy still has one key message at its core, stop thinking ‘Facebook vs Google’, and start thinking about how to let the two campaigns support each other to new heights, instead. 

We know social media marketing can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to more complex strategies like these, so why not let the pros at Zebra 360 Digital Marketing  take the pressure off your back and handle your marketing for you? We’re always here to help!

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