Why Personalisation Will be Paramount to your Campaigns in 2021

Personalisation. If anything, it sounds like a New Age trend, not a massive revolution in digital marketing. Yet it will be the key to all of your marketing plans this year (and beyond). Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency has all the facts you need to know about this key marketing strategy.

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What is personalisation, anyway?

Personalisation as a trend isn’t all that new, but it’s evolution to social media is. It’s the process of creating highly personalised content intended for specific segments of your consumer base. Now, that may sound impossible at first glance- but with the increased ability of social media marketing to hone in on demographics with targeting and audience customisation, it’s not.

With this on your side, you can ensure the right people see your ads- and at the right time in their spending cycle. Personalisation has got so specific, that the platform itself is probably showing targeted ads to you by default. It knows what you like (and interact with), and what you don’t. Even if you’re unaware of it, you’re then being shown similar products from different brands. We’ve all had that experience where we search for something obscure, and then suddenly see ads for it everywhere, after all!

What’s also changed is brand integration among social media platforms. Remember that Facebook owns Instagram, and so on, so whatever is customised in one place will get fed through to other places. This means you could search for that same item in one spot, and still see targeted ads in other places.

So why should I personalise my marketing?

If this is happening by default on the client’s side, why should you also apply it to your marketing? It’s achingly simple. People like to see things that interest them. The more interesting, the more chance of them engaging with it there is. In the end, it’s really just that. Your marketing won’t feel like marketing if it pulls people in and meshes with what they like.

Personalisation in your digital marketing campaigns lets you:

  • Effectively target the audiences you want
  • Create more relevant content 
  • Create a personality and ‘face’ for your business
  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Better link your product to other things that interest the target audience
  • Boost sales, improve customer loyalty and create brand recognition

So how do you personalise your marketing? At its core, personalisation needs you to have smart data collection and analytics in place. Very smart. Without good data, your attempts will not be successful. With the data you collect, however, you have marketing gold dust you can use to create customer-focused campaigns that will resonate with your client’s particular needs and interests.

What happens next? Vastly improved campaign results, that’s what! Personalisation is the undoubted future of social media marketing, so don’t you think it’s time you got started revamping your campaigns? The experts on the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency team are always on hand to help you reach your marketing goals, so don’t be shy- reach out to us today!