Top Reasons You Need Blogs

To blog, or not to blog? It’s a question every social media marketing effort asks itself after a while. With so much hype and focus around video content, does written online marketing still have a role in your business strategy? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Today, the team from Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency will show you why.

The Website Evolution

While a static, permanent website is still a cornerstone of your online marketing presence, it lacks the dynamism and changing content that is so critical to any SEO traction and wider marketing efforts. 

And modern marketing hinges on the notion of value. Fans and new customers both want to feel that they are ‘getting something’ from engaging with your brand presence. Given that most service providers in a set industry provide roughly the same generic value, how do you make your brand stand out from the crowd?

The answer? A blog. Not only is it a great way to add living, breathing, and changing content to your marketing efforts, it’s also the best way to build engagement that lasts- and SEO that will be paying off for years to come. Here’s just some of the reasons smart businesses use blogs.

  1. New Content

We all know that fresh content and the engagement it brings is key. Blogs offering help and insight, photos, and yes, videos and useful links, can all be leveraged to gain and keep the interest of followers and potential customers in user-friendly, engaging ways that encourage two-way conversation.

  1. Website Traffic

From a useful set of how-to blogs, to smart email marketing campaigns and subtle social media drives, spreading the word about the helpful and useful value of a blog encourages traffic to your website. In turn, you’ve moved people a step further in the conversion process. And have the best possible material to keep them coming back, too!

  1. SEO

And talking about your presence on the web- search engines adore blogs. One of the key things search engines look for, alongside the relevance to the search term, is new content. Once  you are initially indexed, Google won’t return to your site until new content to index is detected. This is one of the most critical roles your blog will fill. Offering a host of new, relevant, and exciting information not only draws in crowds through your shares, it will also help ensure search engines are revisiting and ranking your page, as well as building your organic search reach.

  1. It’s Near Effortless

What online marketing has the best ROI? The ones you can do for free, or the lowest cost possible. If you are able to produce quality blog content in-house, it can be free. And even if you have to pay to get quality content for your blog, the associated costs are some of the lowest you’ll face in content production- for immense gain to your marketing effort.

  1. All the Keywords

Returning again to the critical matter of SEO, a blog is also your easiest, best way to make sure those ever-important keywords you need are being developed. While video and picture content is great to immediately attract the attention of scrolling eyes on social media, your blog is going to be the number one source of that keyword traction you need. It’s also where you will most develop your brand voice, share expertise, and build customer impressions of you.

Blogging is one of the best things a brand can do for its online marketing and SEO efforts. It also acts as an anchor, both for your brand presence online and your content marketing strategy. From an authoritative, helpful voice with an interactive space to engage with fans, right through to creating the SEO and organic ranking you need, a blog should be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. Need help creating a stellar blog that drives your ROI? The helpful Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency team is always on hand to assist!