Reasons Everyone Needs a WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress has a reputation as the ‘easy’ go-to in the world of website creation. While it does deserve that reputation, that doesn’t mean you can just create a website and hope for the best. Anything on the internet needs constant maintenance and curation, both to ensure a smooth and up-to-date experience for visitors and to maintain the integrity of your cybersecurity and data. Today the expert wizz-kids on the Zebra 360 Digital Marketing team are here to show you how a WordPress Maintenance Service can not only enrich your online marketing experience but help keep you safe, too.

Security- The Number One Priority

As with anything online-based, WordPress websites can be vulnerable to hacking, malware, and other security threats. As the world becomes increasingly digital, cyber threats are on the rise- and if you’re the weak link, you’re making yourself a target, too. It’s the double-edged sword of WordPress’ popularity- because it’s so commonly used, hackers and criminals are well aware of its weaknesses, recent security updates that may not have been rolled out timeously, and so on, and can specifically target sites running it to exploit these loopholes. A maintenance service can help ensure that your website is secure by performing regular security scans, applying security patches and updates, and implementing other security measures. Remember, not only is there a risk of having your website hacked and data breached, but the second you appear ‘unsafe’ to search engines, your ranking will take a heavy hit.

Staying Current with Updates

Tied to our first point, WordPress releases updates to its core software and plugins on a regular basis, and failing to keep your website up to date can result in performance issues, security vulnerabilities, and compatibility problems. A maintenance service can help ensure that your website is always running the latest and most secure versions of WordPress and its plugins. Remember what we mentioned above- criminals are often very aware when new security updates are released, and will specifically look for the slow updaters among the crowd who haven’t yet closed those security loopholes so they can exploit them.

Responsive Performance

A slow or poorly performing website can negatively impact user experience- and, in turn, search engine rankings. A maintenance service will help optimise your website’s performance by identifying and fixing issues that may be slowing it down, such as bloated code, outdated plugins, and excessive media files. Faster websites increase conversions and keep users on the site longer. In fact, we’d go as far as to say ensuring a superb user experience on your site is one of the most important online maintenance tasks there is!

Critical Backups

When it comes to backups, many of us are slackers- and for something as critical to your online advertising as your website, that just won’t do. Regular backups are essential for protecting your website in case of data loss, corruption, or other issues. A maintenance service will take this need out of your hands, ensuring that your website is backed up regularly and that backups are stored securely in case they are needed. This ensures against failure on your server side, but also allows for easy roll-backs if you make changes that don’t deploy well, or get malware and other nasties infecting your site. Additionally, it’s always smart to have your backups kept away from your primary office or workplace, ensuring that in the event of a theft or catastrophe, they aren’t vulnerable to loss.

The Support You Need

A WordPress maintenance service will also provide ongoing support for your website, including assistance with technical issues, plugin and theme recommendations, and other website-related questions or concerns. This means that regular health checks will be run on your site, ensuring better user experiences, and SEO rankings in turn. They will also monitor your website’s performance and uptime, ensuring you aren’t missing out due to a mistake or silly error. While you can handle this in-house if you have the right expertise on your payroll, outsourcing to a company whose bread-and-butter lies in keeping up-to-date and current is a cost-effective way to stay on top of a very complex part of your digital infrastructure. In fact, it’s often far cheaper than running the same services in-house, especially in the long term.

In short, a WordPress maintenance service brings not only peace of mind, but also responsiveness to issues that will help boost your business reputation and keep your site performing well. This is critical not only to ROI and conversions, but also to maintaining your SEO and rankings, too. If you’re looking for a fantastic WordPress maintenance service that’s seamlessly integrated with your social media marketing, look no further than Zebra 360 Digital Marketing Agency- your one-stop answer to your online marketing needs.